I was in receipt of the  Carers Allowoance of £55.55pw now that I am retired the Carers Allowance has stopped because I am in receipt of my state pension which I already paid into for over 35yrs. I feel cheated about this..just because I have retired does not mean that I have stopped looking after my husband who has Alzheimers.  it is a sore point!! we are saving the Goverment millions and yet it takes back what we have already paid into....A Minister must be found to champion our cause!

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How disgusting to stop your Carers allowance, Your pension is a seperate amount of cash that you are entitled to. This Goverment makes me so angry, As you say you are saving the goverment money as you are your husbands carer. You have extra needs so as to care for your husband. I remember when my Mum was caring for my Dad after he had a by pass. A woman from the benefits office  came down to assess their needs. She made my Dad get up out of the chair to prove he couldnt walk after the operation and then said oh i see you have been over paid. My mum said oh have we? Yes the woman replied yes by a penny! My Mum opened her purse and threw the penny at the woman. I shall never forget that. Yes a Minister is needed .But the right person.Some one who realy cares. But to be quite honest it will be a miracle if David Cammeron even considers the idea.Both my parents

have  passed away now and i get so angry at what i see and hear how the elderly are treated in this country with no respect. As my dear old dad used to say, What did we fight a war for to make this country better and when we get old we are thrown on the scrap heap. So very true.

Hi Susan, yes its disgusting but no amount of challenges gets me anywhere and I know who your parents must have felt to be humiliated by a penny!  we must push on and make our case heard we must stop moaning and put the facts up there with the rest of the issues that are being spoken about in the Commons.

I sometimes wish all carers would down tools and stage a mass walkout! can you imagine?  I dont think any government, no matter which party, will and can support Carers. just before the elections there was this promise from the goernment which gave us hope now thats trash in the bin and once again put back on the scrapheap until the next election and then another promise. I will not be voting for anyone anymore..there is no point! and sorry for the loss of your parents may the rest in peace, R.


Hello again. I found great help at the citizens advice, I didnt know which way to turn over several problems .They eased my mind and filled forms out for me..They may be able to advise you of other help you can get in other areas to take the worry of your shoulders. Mind you ive heard the goverment are making cut backs with the citizens advice which i find disgusting. Its worth a try . I was one of the 6 chosen to present the petition at downing street for us to get a minister for the older person. I felt so strong about this i texted my local radio station B.B.C. Essex to tell them about the petition. I didnt exspect to hear back, I did though and they rang me and had me on the radio to tell them about what Grey pride was doing. So in my way i hope i made people aware of the situation. After all i told the presenter we all hope to get old one day. We need someone who cares for our needs to help us. So lets pray for a miracle . Labour has a shadow minister for the older person so it doesnt make sense that David Cammeron hasnt got one. There is so much on the news that not enough is being done for the elderly with Dimentia and not enough trained people in hospitals. Its a stressfull job caring for your loved ones at home. Especially if you have no one to come to support you to give you a break. When i was caring for my mother i dont know how i would have managed if i didnt have the Macmillan nurses. Sometimes i didnt get out for 2 weeks at a time. I wish you well and have a happy healthy Christmas to you and your family.x

Thank you again Susan and its great that you put forward your point on the radio and to hand in the petition at Downing street. Later on I am going to email my MP....he always responds to my emails with positive feedback so will let you know how I get on. Regarding the CAB...I have not contacted them as I researched our needs/ rights thoroughly with the Carers support Group so everything that is being provided is all that I can have, the only thing that upsets me is the fact that the Carers Allowance has been taken away which in fact should be paid on top of the state pension (which i already paid into).

When my mother was dying I had no support from Macmillan nurses, in fact no one came. Anyway thank you again and I also wish you a very happy xmas to you and your family.

Good luck with the C.A.B. I went there to get help as i lost my job through ill health.I collapsed at home just as i was about to go to work to do the evening shift. I was a cleaner at a gym and health spa. I was left to do all the work on my own for weeks. No extra staff taken on .Yet the other workers who did the early shift got help! My complaints fell on deaf ears. So, I collapsed at home .I  had to be carried in to the doctors as i was told i had torn a ligament in my knee. It turned out to be severe Osteo artherites that has now spread to other parts of my body. I had 3 months of work and was worried i could not pay my rent. I had to go to the C.A.B. as i had my boss visit me with the top manager of the council who i worked for, I was providing Doctors notes. But i had to go see 5 people on the council board and was told i was no longer required,One man said that at my age (i was 58 then) I should go home and rest as i was getting on, The woman there said yes i agree have a few years of work and see how it goes, I said is that the thanks i get after killing myself being taken for a mug doing all that work on my own no help at all, My boss said oh no we gave you help!! i just was so sick and tired of it all. So i lost my job. I went to the C.A.B. they were brilliant told me i could get Incapacity and a little top up of income support of 4 pound a fortnight disabled income. So I dont know how i would have survived with out them. Yes go to your M.P. I did that years ago when i needed help when Caring for my mum and couldnt get help. He wrote on my behalf and i got a cheque through. I was a single mum i was turned down for all help as i had my daughter abroad in California and was told she wasnt entitled to any money as a foreigner. But i am British i said but was turned down but i fought and won. So, Good luck to you .What would this country do if all the people who care for their loved ones went on strike as you said, Young people also care for their parents dont they? Give them medicines ect wash them .Go to school and then take care of there parent also their brothers or sistersNot having a normal life at that age.. This country needs a good shake up. We have taken it for to long. We realy need some one to represent us dont we? After all look at all the money Carers are saving this goverment millions. Well, I will close now and wish you you all the luck in the world with help from your M.P.

Some colleced information, resource and data on Carers Allowance, refer http://benefits.tcell.org.uk/forums-keywords/benefits/carers-allowa...

Hi Kevin


thanks for your response...so much to read, will try and get round to it soon.



You should apply for attendance allowance in your husbands name or go to C.A.B. and they will help you fill the forms out


Thanks Michael but since my husband was diagnosed he already receives attendance in his own name. My gripe is that I am still Caring for him and the government is using my pension instead of the Carers Allowance!! It HAS to change but possibly not in my lifetime!!  and its no use I have been through all the channels and it comes back to the same thing, Retire and you lose your Carers Allowance.

Many PCTs failing Carers

The NHS has failed to increase the level of spending on services supporting carers, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers revealed today in a report titled “NHS not making the break for carers”. In November, last year, the Government had allocated an extra £400m over four years (2011-2015) to provide support for carers. However, the findings published today by The Trust and Crossroads Care show that in fact there may have been a small decrease in the support provided to carers.

Moira Fraser from The Trust met with the Health Minister, Paul Burstow, earlier this week to discuss the findings of the report. According to a blog by Gordon Conochie, the joint Policy officer at The Trust and Crossroads, the Health Minister, Paul Burstow, is taking this report seriously and will act to increase the expectations on PCTs. Burstow has the backing of the Prime Minister who had requested an investigation into how PCTs were spending the additional money.

Liz Fenton, Chief Executive of The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, says: ‘We’re glad to see that some PCTs have greatly increased their level of investment in services for carers.

'However, there is a minority of PCTs still not investing anything at all, or a very small amount, in supporting carers. We understand that PCTs are under financial pressure - but strongly caution that failing to support carers does not make economic sense and is morally indefensible.'

The research shows that a vast majority of PCTs have even defied Government by not publishing plans and budgets as was requested. Only 13% of PCTs have published budgets for 2011/12.

According to previous stats from The Trust, only 4% of carers report getting a break in their own home while only 8% get a break away from home.

Anne Roberts, Chief Executive of Crossroads Care, adds: ‘We need PCTs to be upfront and transparent about how they budget their support for carers. We believe the only way local decision making can be effective and fully accountable is if local people, including carers and carers’ organisations, have the information they need to hold their decision makers to account.’

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