Noticed a post today from a West Midlands Councillor on my Facebook page 'which said the following !! 
<A sign of muticultureism working - sat in Wetherspoons listening to folks speaking loads of different languages> ~~

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Scope research on how services can better support BME disabled people May 3, 2012 In April 2012, Scope published ‘Over-looked Communities, Over-due Change:how services can better support BME disabled people’. This report presents new, wide-ranging evidence about disabled people from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds and recommends how policy-makers, local authority commissioners, and service providers can improve BME disabled people’s access to services.

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Runnymede Trust: Race Equality Scorecard

Runnymede’s Race Equality Scorecard project is an innovative way of filling the accountability gap — holding local authorities and other stakeholders, such as the police and NHS, to account for racial inequalities in their areas.

Runnymede is doing this by:

  • partnering with local race equality bodies in 3 London boroughs: Croydon, Kingston and Redbridge,
  • collecting and monitoring data on racial inequalities in 7 key areas, including employment, criminal justice, education and health,
  • creating a constructive dialogue with local authorities and other stakeholders with responsibility for the welfare of BME communities, and
  • publishing a ‘Scorecard’ assessing how local authorities and stakeholders are carrying out their responsibilities, in terms of working to narrow inequalities.

The Scorecard for each borough will be published later in 2012. By piloting the project in Croydon, Kingston and Redbridge we will see how effective the Scorecard is in very different contexts — with some areas more ethnically diverse or better-off than others.

Later Runnymede plans to roll-out the Scorecard in other parts of the country, learning how best to collect information and constructively challenge councils to work for a more equal society.

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Mustnt comment. Would have the Thought Police knocking on the door.


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