As a network of older people using a community website, I wondered if any of you guys had heard about or had a view on the closure of Saga's online community website SagaZone?


It was announced earlier this month that the website, aimed at the over-50s, would be closing due to what have been described as an influx of "racist, homophobic and offensive’ comments" being left on the site.  


Read more about the closure here (Daily Mail).


The website had really quite a large membership and the comments below the article (126) show that many users are angry about the closure.


The site is now locked to new members so I couldn't log in to see how members were taking the news on the site itself.


Are any of you members and do you agree that closing the site is the right action to take?


You all know I'm very interested in everything to do with "digital inclusion" and I would be really interested to know your views on this. I'm always keen to hear suggestions on how we can make Grey Pride as user-friendly and interesting as possible so maybe there are lessons to be learnt from this website closure.

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If anyone over 50 posts on this I will be interested to discuss it with them as I was on this site until its closure.


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