About the Grey Pride community site

What is Grey Pride?

To have “Grey Pride” is to recognise the huge contribution older people make to our society and value the wisdom that comes from a lifetime full of experiences. It is a desire to challenge ageist attitudes, stereotypes and common misconceptions surrounding aging. It’s about understanding that older peoples’ issues affect us all, and must not be marginalised by our politicians or the media. And it’s about celebrating the positive aspects of aging so often overlooked.

Grey Pride is the banner under which Anchor, England’s largest provider of housing and care to the over 55s, campaign to raise awareness of the range of issues older people experience every day.

This Grey Pride community website (www.greypride.org.uk) was launched by Anchor in April 2011 in response to research that highlighted the prevalence of ageist workplace attitudes in Britain. This community site is open to people of all ages who have something to say about getting older and aims to provide a platform for those views and real life experiences.  


Who are Anchor?

A registered charity, Anchor and has been providing not-for-profit care and housing to older people for over 40 years. Grey Pride is an initiative launched by Anchor and staff from across the organisation maintain and moderate this community website.


Meet the moderators

A range of Anchor colleagues use this website to share their views as well as hear what our customers and the public have to say about topical issues. There are also four site moderators who ensure the smooth running of the site, they can be contacted between 9 – 5, Monday to Friday.

– as part of Anchor’s Digital Marketing team, Kathryn has been involved with this community site since launch. She is particularly interested in digital inclusion and projects that encourage older people to use the internet with confidence. If you have any difficulty using this site or ideas on how it could be more user friendly just let her know.


 and Natalie– working in the Communications team at Anchor, Charlotte and Natalie help spread the word about the organisations’ campaigning efforts and views on government policy and current affairs. Posts from Natalie and Charlotte will keep you up to date on projects you can get involved in and explain how you can make a difference.

Jonathan – as Anchor's Customer Relations Manager, Jonathan works to ensure the views of the older people we work with are acted upon. He can help address queries from existing Anchor customers about local projects and share details of what it is like to live with Anchor.


What is the Anchor Community Band?

The Anchor Community Band is our most recent Grey Pride project.

We plan to build on the success of our Minister for Older People campaign to raise awareness of older peoples’ issues, by releasing a charity single celebrating the positive aspects of aging. We are using the life experiences of older people around the country to write an uplifting song that will be recorded by the older people living in our care homes and retirement housing properties.

Find out more about the project and how you can become part of the Anchor Community Band here.


What is the Grey Pride campaign for a Minister for Older People?

The older people Anchor work with repeatedly told us they felt invisible to politicians and that their issues were not being addressed by government, so we decided to make a stand. In 2011 we launched our first national Grey Pride campaign calling on the British government to appoint a dedicated Minister for Older People.

Despite making up 40% of the voting public, there is currently no minister dedicated to representing the views of older people. Decisions on issues that have a significant impact on older people are scattered across at least five government departments and are not considered in the round.

Our campaign is calling for a Cabinet Minister with an eye on issues and policies affecting older people, able to hold the government to account and ensure their needs are understood and represented.

Find out more about this campaign by visiting our campaign page here.


How do I have my say?

Simply sign up and create a profile to both start your own discussions and reply to those already being had here on Grey Pride!


More information about Anchor

Registered address: 2nd Floor, Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9ES.
Registered Charity No. 1052183 (England and Wales)
Company No. 3147851
Housing Association No. LH4095
For more information about Anchor please visit www.anchor.org.uk