The campaign for a Minister for Older People

Our petition calling on the British Government to appoint a dedicated Minister for Older People was Anchor’s first Grey Pride campaign launched in April 2011.


Research released that spring found ageist attitudes to be endemic in the workplace and the older people Anchor work with repeatedly told us they felt invisible to politicians, with issues like this not being addressed by the government.


We found that despite making up 40% of the voting public, there is no single minister dedicated to representing the views of older people and that decisions on issues that have a significant impact on them, such as social care, pension reform, transport, housing and discrimination, are currently scattered across at least five government departments.


Anchor launched this first Grey Pride campaign to ensure older people remain at the forefront of the British political agenda. We believe that our ageing society now requires a Cabinet Minister who understands the needs and interests of older people and has the power to hold the government to account


We have involved MPs, other older people's groups, celebrities and the media throughout this campaign and achieved a great deal, including cross-party political backing and 137,000 petition signatures. 

This immense support enabled us to secure a crucial House of Commons debate on 28th June 2012, at which Members of Parliament voted in favour of our motion calling for a dedicated Minister.

The final decision now ultimately sits with Prime Minister David Cameron, but we will continue to apply pressure until he centralises responsibility for older peoples' issues.


Read the campaign blog here.

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Find out more about the backing we have from politicians, celebrities and other older peoples’ groups here.


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