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11 Android apps of the message any more interesting

love Android as much as the next non-Apple possession of man, but there are times when I'm tired of using the same old system, and seeing the same old Qi Wireless Charging Transmitter.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of ways to lighten up without you even give your phone. Carrot, or in some…


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Mobile Checklist: A Guide to Choosing a Smartphone for Seniors

We have all adapted gracefully to the evolution of mobile…


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NHS Database Opt-Out URGENT!!!

Allowing your medical data to be used by the new NHS database is, in my opinion, a high risk undertaking. 

The data will, without doubt, end up in the hands of private companies who will use it to bombard you with advertising etc.  You may also find medical decisions are influenced by the companies involved - and not necessarily to your benefit.  There is also the ongoing danger of the data being lost / hacked by criminals.  Once the data are out, the process cannot be…


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The UK has the lowest pensions with the exception of MEXICO

That's interesting - the UK has the lowest pensions with the exception of MEXICO.  So, given that we have (had?) the fourth biggest economy on the planet, what happened to all the wealth?  I know it's a silly question but someone had to ask....

Pension League

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The Silverline website

The Silverline is a website for over 50's who could use a little help.  See:  Silverline

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Refuting older adults learning and performance myths

Older people can't learn or perform like young people?  Rubbish!

As I will reach 65 in a few weeks, and having an interest in matters educational, I have been spending some time involved in researching how older adults learn and perform ability wise.

Popular culture suggests that as adults age, their ability to…


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What's your five a day?

On the 10th of October many people took time out to celebrate World Mental Health Day.

The campaign aims to raise awareness around different mental health issues – and this year, the event focused on mental health and older adults.

According to the Office of National Statistics, Brits aged 65 to 79 are actually much happier than any other age group! People aged 80 and over…


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Paul Burstow MP argues why older people need an advocate in new report

Hi Grey Priders

I wanted to highlighted a new report published this week by the think tank CentreForum called 'Giving older people a voice'.


This report, edited by former care services minister Rt Hon Paul Burstow MP, says that England should follow the example set by…


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job for overs 60s

You have seen my and Diane's experiences in the job maket on here. Would be interested to see if anyone has any positive experiences in the job market as an 60 plus.  not cleaning or caring, nothing wrong with those jobs, its just that neither are something id be interested in doing. Personally ive given up applying as i cant see any point as i just dont know of anyone who has a success story to tell and ive only had one interview myself and that was just going through ,motions i could tell.…


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50 Shades of Grey

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY - (a husband's point of view) - By Pam Ayres of course..

  The missus bought a Paperback,

  down Shepton Mallet way,

  I had a look inside her bag;

  ... T'was "Fifty Shades of Grey".

  Well I just left her to it,

  And at ten I went to bed.

  An hour later she appeared;

  The sight filled me with dread...

  In her left she held a rope;

  And in her right a whip!

  She threw them down upon the…


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How Good is Your Love Life?



How good is your love life? Are you satisfied in the bedroom?  Could there be room for improvement or is everything just hunky dory?


A brand new television series for Channel 4 wants to explore the modern day sex lives of ordinary couples in an honest celebration of human sexuality.


The programme aims to reclaim the natural act back from the smutty books, freak shows and internet pornography – and instead examine real people and real…


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Its Just a Dog ....

For anyone who has ever owned a dog. When grieving the loss of a beloved "family member" and someone says "its just a dog!" ..... send them this.



From time to time, people tell me, "lighten up, it's just a dog,"

or "that's a lot of money for just a dog."

They don't understand the distance travelled,

the time spent, or the costs involved for "just a…


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job search again

I have written before re this and did what i said signed up with job agencies sent my CV off heard zilch, told to keep eye on website,  I am of the opinion they cant refuse to take your CV due to age discrimination but they have no intention of offerring you any jobs. I had a bit of a falling out with a friend today re it, shes younger than me still at work at my old company ,i sit her dog forher for FREE mind you. She said if i that desperate for a job i should be prepared to lower my…


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This is a Blog of Empathy. And by that, I mean, it goes out to all those who are battle-weary. You've been doing great things, lots of people love what you do, but you keep coming up against the few people who seem to think it's their mission in life to make things difficult for you.

You know the ones. If money is handled, they suspect it's being siphoned off somewhere by someone. If there's a trip, you must have bumped up the price so you could go on it for nothing yourself. If…


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From Jan: Age UK Internet Champion and now National Digital Leader

I imagine that when I was diagnosed with the mental health condition cyclothymia (rapid cycling bipolar) 5 years ago most people expected me to curl up and shrivel away. I know there were a few who hoped I would (LOL, as they say!). Far from it. Here's my guest blog on the Big Lottery Fund site, posted by BIG today:…


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Anchor Community Band set to storm the charts!

The older people forming the Anchor Community Band are giving modern pop stars a run for their money and tackling loneliness in the process by releasing their own charity single today.


The Anchor Community Band’s single “See Yourself” challenges perceptions of old age. More than 350 older people from across the country have been involved in writing and recording it, the oldest band member being 96 years young.…


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Worth a read...

It's not often I agree with anything that Janet Street-Porter says but....

This is worth the read.

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'See Yourself', the Anchor Community Band single is due for release on Monday 3 June. And we're pleased to  announce HMV will be stocking copies from this date. As the release date approaches, we're introducing m…


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Meet Ruth a member of the Anchor Community Band

'See Yourself', the Anchor Community Band single is due for release on Monday 3 June. And we're pleased to announce HMV will be stocking copies from this date. As the release date approaches, we're introducing members of the band whose passion for music and singing helped make the single possible.…


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My Norm's Blog

I hope you can find time to read this and if you feel like it, join us

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