GREY PRIDE BREAKTHROUGH - House of Commons to debate Grey Pride!

We are very excitied to announce that our Grey Pride campaign has today received a major boost - we have secured a House of Commons debate on whether the Government should appoint a Minister for Older People!


The debate, which will take place on Thursday 28th June, follows intense pressure from all our brilliant Grey Pride campaigners around the country and is in response to our 137,000 strong petition which we presented to Downing Street last November.


The debate will see Members of Parliament vote on the motion: “That this House calls on the Government to appoint a member of the Cabinet to be the Minister for Older People; to give a political voice to our older generation, to oversee the coordination of services which affect them and tackle the social and economic challenges of demographic change”
Jane Ashcroft, Chief Executive of housing and care provider Anchor, who launched the campaign last April, has said:

“We are delighted that this debate has been scheduled and now urge MPs to listen to the 137,000 people who signed our petition and vote in favour of the motion next week. Older people’s issues have never before ridden so high on the political agenda, yet this country’s elderly population often feels invisible to MPs, their concerns ignored and their needs overlooked. It’s time we gave this nation’s older people the respect and representation they deserve.”


Grey Prider Denis Warrilow, who has backed the campaign from the start, added:

“For a group of people who make up such a large proportion of the UK population, older people consistently seem to be regarded as a minority group of little importance.  The time has now come to listen very seriously to the many issues that affect us.   

“Lots of cuts are happening during this time of austerity, and it’s important that older people’s views are heard when decisions are made about issues that affect them. We want a Minister for Older People with access to Cabinet so that the voices of the elderly are taken into consideration when ministers make decisions on such issues as care funding and pensions.”


We are very hopeful of a positive decision on 28th June, the appointment of such a Minister is not unprecedented – the Governments of Canada and Ireland already have dedicated Ministers for Older People. The UK already has a Children’s Minister, a Minister for Women and Equalities and a Minister for Disabled People. In late October Labour Leader, Ed Milliband, appointed Liz Kendall MP as Shadow Minister for Care and Older People attending the Shadow Cabinet.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to our campaign along the way...and of course call on your help us ensure their MP votes in favour on 28th June!

 There is strength in numbers and we are being listened to!

Please read our information about how you can help us secure a positive vote in just 8 days!



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Comment by Steven Flint on June 20, 2012 at 16:42

This is fantastic news and i'm very proud of Anchor.


I'm very much looking forward to the outcome of the debate on the 28th!

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