Make sure your MP votes FOR a Minister for Older People on 28th June

As we announced yesterday, we are delighted to have secured a House of Commons Debate on the Grey Pride campaign call for the appointment of a dedicated Minister for Older People, on Thursday 28th June.


Every Grey Pride supporter who signed our petition has played a vital part in getting us this far...but we need to call on you again to ensure that as many MPs as possible not only attend our debate but understand why they must vote in favour of this motion.


We need each of you to please take five minutes to contact your local MP and ask them to support us at our Debate.


Contacting your MP couldn't be easier; we've written a template letter for you to email them below. To find your MPs email address simply visit and enter your postcode, then click the top option of “Send a message to X” and you can copy and paste the message below:




I am writing to ask if you could support the Grey Pride campaign calling for the Government to appoint a Minister for Older People. As you may be aware, a petition with 137,000 signatures was submitted to Downing Street on 28 November. We were hoping to secure a Backbench Debate on the issue and I am delighted that Penny Mordaunt MP has now secured that debate on 28 June. The motion proposed will be:


“That this House calls on the Government to appoint a member of the Cabinet to be the Minister for Older People; to give a political voice to our older generation, to oversee the coordination of services which affect them and tackle the social and economic challenges of demographic change”


Eighty four MPs from all parties have signed an Early Day Motion supporting the campaign so we expect this will be a very valuable debate with cross-party support. I would like to encourage you to attend the debate and I hope that you will support the motion.


There are many reasons why a Minister for Older People is needed. Despite older people’s issues getting increasing news coverage, many older people say they feel invisible to politicians. The UK’s older population is growing rapidly and problems with provision of services for older people will be exacerbated by unprecedented demographic changes. The issues affecting older people are complex, have considerable implications for Government spending and span many Government departments including Health, Work & Pensions, Communities & Local Government, Transport and the Treasury. A Minister would be able to view different policies in a holistic way and ensure that policy decisions are informed by the impact they would have on older people.


I would be grateful if you would let me know whether you will be able to attend the debate and support the motion. A fuller briefing on the background to the debate is available from

Thank you once again for the time and consideration you have already given to Grey Pride. I hope we can count on your support.

Yours sincerely



If you'd rather write your own message to your MP please feel free - say what you feel and make it real, show your passion for the cause.


You've signed our petition and helped us raise awareness - now we need your MPs to vote in favour on your behalf!

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Comment by Diane Franks on June 28, 2012 at 6:41

Switched on BBC Breakfast just now to hear them say they will be talking about a "Minister for Older People" in about an hour ... this was at 6.25am.

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