Magnificent Diva, a cup of tea and happiness.

As we get older, we’re in danger of becoming invisible.  Our hair turns grey or white and our skin becomes thinner and paler.  We can all start looking alike if we’re not careful.  Well we’re not alike and we never have been, but our individuality can be rubbed out through age both literally and metaphorically.  That’s why it’s important to make an effort when we go out, to be colourful, to stand out, to be noticed.

I’ve made a commitment this month to be more colourful, to be noticed and to contribute to my community.

It’s been a fun week, kicked off by wearing red, white and blue to our local Jubilee garden party, where the 'most patriotic dress' prize went to a lady dressed head to toe in Union Jack flags.  My blue jeans, red top, white jacket and union flag earrings were a pretty feeble attempt in comparison.

Undeterred I soldiered on during the week. I’ve started thinking of myself as a piece of living art and that's helped.  Every day as I rise (what a great Pepysian phrase that is), I consider my wardrobe and how I’m feeling and choose to wear an outfit that has at least one bright colour and three pieces of jewellery.  I’ve worn a bright orange scarf over a black jacket, matched with an orange umbrella and my black fedora with a red ribbon round the brim. I’ve worn multi-coloured layers to ward off the mid-week rain and to a birthday party yesterday, I wore a bright blue chiffon top over a black and white flowered pencil skirt and slapped on red lipstick.  It’s a combination that is a bit ‘in your face’ for me; I thought perhaps I had overdone it. To my surprise it worked and three guests at the party told me I look fabulous.

To make my presence felt in the community, I’ve joined the Brighton branch of the national Action for Happiness group.  Wherever we are on the income scale, it has doubled over the past 50 years but we are no happier.   Additional income, above a certain level, apparently makes no difference to one’s happiness.

Something is going wrong.  At the inaugural meeting, I sat next to a man who was definitely not happy.  “I thought this was going to be a small group,” he said looking around at the packed room of about 50 people, “I’ve come all the way from Hastings for this meeting and they’re not even offering a cup of tea.  I’m starting to think about my route home.”


Ah, is happiness for the English – a cup of tea, preferably offered with a chocolate digestive?  I suspect it is.

What are you doing this week to stand out from the crowd and wear your maturity with PRIDE?

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Comment by Penelope Young on August 21, 2012 at 15:51

Hi Frances - I completely agree with you re. your colour advice with the proviso - never wear grey.  I know it's elegant and all that but there's just too much of it around.  Glad to hear you wear lots of colours - we need to be seen and admired for what we are - unbelievably gorgeous.  Thanks for your comment.

Comment by Penelope Young on August 21, 2012 at 15:49

Janette - Hope you had a great Brighton day with your grandson and the sun shone for you.  Good for you wearing cut off jeans - why not.  Be bold and beautiful.

Comment by Frances Andrews-Speed on July 11, 2012 at 2:49

As an artist, I wear a lot of colours and whats more wear whatever I Iike,whenever I like, always have done so and age makes no difference.  

However If your feeling cold or depressed wear warm colours ( all shades of reds,pinks, orange, yellow) will warm you up and cheer you up too.

and if you are hot or angry wear cool colours, it works. (shades of white blues, greens, greys)

Comment by Janette Marina Taylor on June 27, 2012 at 20:40

I will be in Brighton next week and on the Bea\ch for my new grandsons naming ceremony and i assure you I will not be invisible,I have long blonde hair and will be waring cut offs so if you want to come along we will be about level with the Blue Lagoon


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