Monday 21st November = Social media takeover day!

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

Then Grey Pride needs YOU!


Grey Priders, your support for this campaign over the last seven months has been pivotal to everything we’ve achieved so far.

Every discussion you guys have started about Grey Pride has raised awareness of the overlooked issues faced by older people across the UK. Every petition signature you have collected has strengthened our voice.

We can’t thank you enough – this really has been a campaign built from the ground up!


What’s next?

Well, while the Grey Pride “Clipboard Army” are busy counting the signatures gathered on paper petitions, we are going to make one last concerted effort online to boost the final figure.


On Monday 21st November (this coming Monday!) we are asking all our supporters; the backing organisations, the MPs, the celebrities and most importantly of all, the 117,000 petition signatories, to update their Facebook and Twitter accounts with Grey Pride messages.


We want to takeover these social media channels and get everyone talking about Grey Pride. Let’s highlight the campaign and direct as many people as possible to our online petition so they can officially  register their support for our call for a dedicated Minister for Older People.


Helping us achieve this could not be simpler – all we need you to do is copy and share the messages below on Monday and ask everyone you know to do the same!


Facebook statuses:

  • 10,000 older people die alone every year. Pensions are in crisis, workplace ageism is rife and the media paints older people as boring and out of touch. We need to show pride in and support our older people of today and tomorrow. Sign the Grey Pride petition to No 10 and copy and paste if you agree: 
  • Dear David Cameron, please listen to the people today and give older people a voice. Support Grey Pride: 


Twitter messages:

  • Give older people a voice and appoint a Minister for Older People. Please RT and sign the @Grey_Pride petition to No 10.  #greypride
  • NHS neglect, the pension crisis & social care cuts. Give older people a voice. Please RT and support @Grey_Pride #greypride
  • Dear David Cameron, please listen to the people and appoint a Minister for Older People! Please RT to support @Grey_Pride #greypride
  • Thousands of older people will spend Christmas cold & alone this year. RT & join @Grey_Pride in sticking up for their rights #greypride
  • An older person? Hope to be one someday? You’ll want the Govt to consider you when making decisions then. Support @Grey_Pride #greypride 


We will monitor our success throughout the day and post news of how we are getting on. Please be sure to report what you see happening, let us know how many of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers change their statuses and share yoru tweets with their connections.


This will be a perfect opportunity to challenge the technophobe stereotype of older people who are out of touch, and show just how many Grey Priders there are using these channels!

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Comment by Diane Franks on November 21, 2011 at 17:24

Yes I tweeted and facebooked ...... some response but can't say a huge amount ....



Comment by Susan Croft on November 20, 2011 at 18:18
I am looking forward to Monday the 28th November. I will help present the petition to tell the goverment we need a minister for the elderly. I rang B.B.C. Essex to make them aware of this matter. How about you phoning and making contact with your local radio station and make them aware and get more people to sign the petition. Thankyou.
Comment by Geoffrey Cooper on November 18, 2011 at 17:50

How about calling Monday GREY MONDAY that will get people talking ?

Comment by Maike Mitchell on November 18, 2011 at 9:19

Brilliant! This is where having a huge family all connected on Facebook comes in handy :) I have been sharing links already but a coordinated effort will have a much larger impact. 

Comment by suzanne mary charles on November 17, 2011 at 17:36

Count me in! Like the idea of challenging stereotypes - one of the core "Grey Pride" messages and useful for the petition numbers.

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